"THE" strapless motorcycle lock-down system
2006 Yamaha YZ450F
Sales Agent Jason L. poses w/ Jeremy McGrath at Phoenix
Brian Mason filming a
commercial for "Lucas Oil"
Clark Stiles flying high
at Phoenix
Stiles @ Anaheim-1
Getting acquainted with the
a ll new Yamaha YZ450F
Team SRTUSA & Phoenix Racing
Race Report

Round 3 - Anaheim (2 of 3) Race Report

Anaheim, California-January 21, 2006- Anaheim Two definitely lived up to the hype with the spectacular battle between Stewart and Carmichael! Team SoCal Racing P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha kept the streak intact as all four riders made the night show! Unfortunately, the team’s night ended with more spills than thrills.

Jiri Dostal has been plagued with poor starts so far this season, but in semi two things changed as the #70 YZ450F came storming out of the gate in third position! Dostal’s first main of the season appeared promising. Three laps into the race, Jiri maintained complete control, however the last three laps told a different story. In the second half of semi two, Jiri watched Tyler Evans and Nick Wey pass. In the last lap, Team Subway rider Jason Thomas snatched the fifth and final transfer spot from Dostal, sending him to the LCQ.

Clark Stiles and Jake Marsack are close teammates but this weekend proved that distance is sometimes a necessity. In semi one, Marsack and Stiles crashed together and finished in 13th and 14th. In the LCQ, the gate dropped and a Team SoCal Racing sandwich took shape. Right out of the gate, three riders tangled up: Clark Stiles, Jake Marsack and Jiri Dostal. The collision left Dostal “en fuego”-literally! The bike shot flames and the wreck burned the Dr. D’s exhaust on his stomach-now that’s brand loyalty!! Stiles walked away nearly unscathed with minor wrist pain. Marsack and Mason finished out the race, but out of transfer contention.

The management at Phoenix Racing is proud to announce the DeCal Works/Wonder Warthog Racing Most Improved Privateer Award. For your chance to win some great prizes and help the hard working privateer got to: https://www.phxmx.com/entry.html
Fabulous prizes include: a helmet from Shoei, two SDG mini-bikes, a complete system from Kicker, Vortex sprockets, one year supply of Glaceau Vitamin Water, Evol Nutrition supplements, complete exhaust from Dubach Racing, Lucas Oil products, custom painted helmet from Images in Motion, Pre-printed background from DeCal Works, riding gear by SoCal Racing, and MANY more prizes! The grand prize winner receives a YZ450F team bike! The proceeds will be awarded to the most improved privateer at the last SX round in Las Vegas! So help the privateer and have a shot at winning some incredible prizes today!

Round 2 - Phoenix Race Report

Phoenix, Arizona-January 14, 2006-: This weekend the fans were treated to some incredible races as the competition for the Amp'd Mobile SX point lead was fast and furious. Team SoCal Racing /P-LoK/Lucas Oils/Yamaha built on last weeks momentum as Brian Mason, Jake Marsack, Clark Stiles and Jiri Dostal all qualified into the night program!

This week's Barnett clutch performance took place in semi two as Clark "Alabama Slama" Stiles grabbed a Barnett high-powered start! The #61 bike blasted out of the starting gate in third position with Michael Brown and Tyler Evans giving chase. Stiles would maintain his lead, running a smart race to finish in third place! This performance once again qualified the "Slama" into the main event for the second straight week!

Jiri Dostal hopes of making it into the main abruptly crashed in the last lap of the LCQ. In semi one, Jiri Dostal recovered from a bad start to finish in sixth position, sending him to the LCQ for one last shot at pay dirt. In the LCQ, Dostal found himself in another intense battle with Robbie Reynard for the last transfer position. In lap four, Jiri grabbed a hand full of throttle and made a pass on Reynard. Riding into lap five, it looked as though Dostal would make his first main of the season, but misfortune-rather Reynard struck. With a half lap to go, Robbie blasted into the back of Dostal's rear Michelin sending him off the track and ending his night of racing.

In the main, Stiles ran a strong race in the 14th position. Tim Ferry was close behind in the 15th spot trying to gain ground on the #61 YZ450F, but the bike and Stiles proved too much. Stiles increased his lead on Ferry and the rest of the pack, taking the checkered flag in 14th place! The finish would catapult Stiles into 11th place overall in the Amp'd Mobile World Supercross GP Standings. He remains only one point back of Team Solitaire Justin Bucklew. Team Socal Racing Jiri Dostal and Jake Marsack are in 16th and 17th in the WX point standings.

It was great to have Ron Joynt owner of SoCal Racing and DeCal Works joining the team in the pits this weekend. Also in attendance was Will Decker from Enzo. Will has been working non-stop to have these bikes blazing thru the whoops. Clark Stiles wanted to make sure a huge thank you went out to Raymond and the Michelin crew for their hard work to help put him into the main. The team wanted to thank Kyle Smith from Sidi. If you do not own the new Crossfire boots from Sidi-you need to. These boots are by far the best boots Sidi has ever offered! It was great to have our sponsors around the pits in Phoenix. Big thanks to Bret from Shoei for hooking up the team with some sweet helmets! Also in the pits, John and the Tri-Star crew! Lastly, the guys from ToyHauler Magazine were hanging out, showing the team some love!

Round 1 - Anaheim (1 of 3) Race Report

Anaheim, California-January 7, 2006-: The arena was pure electricity as a sold out venue waited with great anticipation for the start of A1! Team SoCal Racing Yamaha countless months of preparation would take center stage for the unleashing of the new YZ450 from Yamaha. Team SoCal Racing easily blasted thru the qualifiers as Brian Mason, Jacob Marsack, Clark Stiles and Jiri Dostal all made it into the night program! The night show produced some incredible races as the action was non-stop. In semi two, Jiri Dostal just missed a transfer spot in sixth position behind Mike Brown. In the LCQ, both Stiles and Dostal displayed some incredible gut check racing.

This weeks Barnett Clutch performance goes to Stiles and Dostal. Midway through the start of the LCQ it looked rather bleak for Team SoCal Racing. Clark Stiles was one position out of qualifying trying desperately to chase down Tyler Evans. Meanwhile, Dostal had gotten railed by Reynard, placing him back in fifth place. However, fortune changed in lap four as Stiles made up nearly four seconds on Tyler Evans. This effort paid off huge for "The Alabama Slama" as he passed Evans, a lead he would not relinquish. Stiles took the checkered flag, earning him a spot into the main event! Stiles was done, but Dostal was not as he had some unfinished business to settle. During the live wire telecast the announcers had practically assigned Reynard the Racer X Gas Card. However, Dostal had other plans in store. In the final lap, Dostal came flying around the last turn and out of nowhere passed Reynard earning The Racer X Card and a little redemption!

In the main event, Stiles ran a solid twelve lap pace and gained time on McGrath, while putting a four second gap in front of Brown. In lap thirteen, Stiles over committed in turn one and would get fully acquainted with the Anaheim dirt. Stiles would get back up and finish the main event in 17th place!

Team SoCal Racing riders wanted to ensure that a special thanks goes out to Enzo and Dubach Racing. Thank you for getting those bikes fully dialed and ready for Anaheim One! Also, a big thanks to the Michelin crew for taking such great care of the team. Last, the team wants to thank Ron Joynt, Janeen Joynt and the entire crew for all their hard work. The team looked great at A1 and owe it all to SoCal Racing and DeCal Works!

Thank you to the sponsors that made Anaheim One a success:
SoCal Racing/ Synergy Racing Technologies/ Lucas Oil Inc./ Yamaha Motor Corp./ Interlakes Sport Center/ P-LoK/ Shoei/ Glaceau Vitamin Water/ Polisport Plastics /Dubach Racing Development /Sidi Boots /SDG U.S.A /Vortex /R.K. Chains/ ProWheel Racing Componenets/ Tri-Star Racing/ Decal Works/ Dragon Optical/ Tek Bolt/ Hot Rods/ Hot Cams/ Pivot Works/ Stomp Design/ FUEL Clothing/ Enzo Suspension/ Barnett Clutches & Cables/ Engine Ice/ ProClean 1000/ Michelin/ ICW Stands/ IMS Products/ KN Filters/ Vertex Pistons/ Renthal/ Park Tool U.S.A./ Kicker Car Audio/ RB Components/ Evol Nutrition/ Galfer Brakes U.S.A/ SFB Racing/ Wonder Warthog Racing/ Krause Construction / Images In Motion

Team SoCal Racing Promotions Director
See some pics of Anaheim-1 here
MORE PICS of Anaheim - 1 (Shot by Steve Bruhn)


Jacob Marsack December 15, 2005
By "Bad" Billy Ursic
Jacob Marsack

Jacob Marsack, 19, is off to a great start for 2006, and it’s only 2005! Rather unsure of whether or not to even race the first two rounds of the Amp’d Mobile WSXGP Series, Jacob decided to go for it as a member of the Synergy/SoCal/Lucas Oils team, and he came away with two 17th-place finishes in the Supercross class. We called the Allenton, MI, resident to catch up with him regarding his recent success. Be sure to show Jacob and his sponsors some support by clicking on the logo/links at the bottom of the page.

Racer X: First of all, you have two consecutive 17th-place finishes in the first two rounds of the Amp’d Mobile WSXGP series—you have to be excited about that! Jacob Marsack: Oh yeah, for sure. I was debating whether to do them, and it was a good choice, because I definitely needed to get warmed up.

So are these the first two Supercross main events you’ve made in your career? Yes, the first two Supercross main events.

Did you ever make a Supercross Lites main event?
Yeah, the second year I rode pro, I qualified for a main event and finished 15th. I was riding an RM125 back then.

So tell us about your decision to ride the Supercross class in the first two Amp’d Mobile WSXGP races. It was pretty much a team decision. The SoCal team wanted me to ride the Supercross class because I’m smoother on it. I’ve been practicing on the 450 all year, so I think it was a good decision to ride it in supercross, although it’s a little tougher. I’m feel pretty good in the bike.

Jacob battles with Clark Stiles (61) at the Toronto Supercross.
You mentioned that it was a team decision from SoCal Racing, so can you tell us about the team that you’re on for 2006? It’s a good team, which is supported by Synergy Racing Technology, SoCal, and Lucas Oil. They put it together last year and it carried over for this year. We’ll be riding Yamahas this year too.

I could’ve sworn you were on a Honda 450 at Toronto and Vancouver. Well, we rode Hondas for those races because we couldn’t get the Yamahas yet. We just got them, and now we have to get them set up for Anaheim 1. But I guess we have some Yamaha support, somewhat. But last year I rode for the MXPrivateer.net team, and they helped me out for the Lites class. The team then split up, but the new owner bought a rig and the knew I was part of the old team, so they decided to sign me up for this year.

Well, I was watching you in practice and your qualifier in Toronto, and to be honest, you look like a totally different rider from the past. What have you been doing lately to prepare for the new season? I’ve just been riding a lot. I have a supercross track at my house that I built, and I’ve just been riding and training really hard. Every day I just wake up and train and ride. Once the snow hit up here I went down to GPF and practiced and tested there. We then tested some Ohlins suspension and got some stuff worked out right before Toronto. And that was my first race in over eight weeks, so I rode a little tight there, but it was good getting things worked out. After that, I went home and worked on some areas that needed attention. Like, I felt my legs were a little weak, so I worked on them and worked on my cardio a little more, and I think everything improved.

Jacob qualified for both Canadian rounds of the 2006 Amp'd Mobile WSXGP series.

Is racing your primary job?
Yeah, so far it is. I finished up high school last year, so I just got out and figured I’d try racing for about four years or something, just to see if I could make enough money to do it as a living. So hopefully I will, but if it doesn’t work out, then I will go to college and do all that stuff, because I got pretty good grades.

Yeah, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan, for sure. On another note, I saw you on The Great Outdoors privateer DVD and it seems that your dad, Jim, is really involved with your racing career. Oh yeah, he’s probably one of my biggest sponsors, for sure. If I don’t have the money, he puts it up for me to get me to the races, so he’s a really big influence to my racing career.

Is he still your mechanic this year?
Yep. I wouldn’t really trust anyone else to work on my bikes. He’s really good at it too. He actually raced all through my amateur career, but once I turned pro he quit to focus on just being a mechanic. It’s a lot safer too.

Thanks for your time, Jake, and good luck in Anaheim!
Thank you, Billy.

Jacob’s Sponsors

www.srtusa.com, www.interlakessportcenter.com, www.lucasoil.com, www.decalmx.com,
www.dubachracing.com, www.polisport.com, www.enzoracing.com, www.sdgusa.com,
www.shoei.com, www.vortexracing.com, www.sidisport.com, www.dragonoptical.com,
www.prowheelracing.com, www.rk-excel.co.jp, www.renthal.com, www.michelinman.com,
www.tristarracing.com, www.hotcamsinc.com, www.tekbolt.com, www.pivotworks.com,
www.stompdesign.com, www.fuelclothing.com, www.barnettclutches.com, www.engineice.com,
www.proclean1000.com, www.icwbikestands.com, www.imsproducts.com, www.knfilters.com,
www.vertexpistons.com, www.parktool.com, www.kicker.com, www.glaceau.com, www.rbcomponents.com, www.evolnutrition.com

Team SoCal Racing Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP-Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada-December 10, 2005- The scene was Vancouver where the boyz from SoCal Racing took the stage full throttle. Team SoCal Racing’s goal to become one of the premier privateer programs was once again evident, as two riders qualified for the main event and one grabbed the Racer X gas card!

Saturday was time for the races! The mechanics worked extremely hard to have the bikes fully dialled. In semi one, Dostal took to the front and pulled a second place hole shot. Jiri Dostal once again found himself in a fierce battle with Tyler Evans. In lap two, Evans took the inside line and made a pass. Dostal later returned the favor in lap three, only to relinquish position in lap four. The two riders were battling relentlessly, and in the heat of battle Evans lost control and took to the dirt. Dostal flew past Tyler and through the whoop section, managing to bridge the gap for first. Jiri steadily made time and came within 1.25 seconds of the first place rider Kyle Lewis. Dostal finished an impressive second position which easily transferred him into the main event!

The qualifiers were not so kind to Clark Stiles and Jacob Marsack. Stiles rode aggressive in heat two and got real sketchy in the woop section. The unfortunate mishap had Stiles pulling a head first endo over his Renthal handle bars. The scene was scary as Stiles caught most of the fall with his Shoei helmet and wrist. In the seconds that followed, the bike came crashing on his head. The crash was not a pretty sight as the Asterick medical team rushed out onto the track. Stiles quickly gathered to his feet to do a pain inventory. He felt severe pain in his wrist and had blurred vision. Most riders would have called it a day after a crash of this nature, but that was not the case for Clark Stiles. Later Stiles walked out of the gate to the surprise of the fans who witnessed the vicious fall. After the race, Clark expressed that he did not want to disappoint the team and sponsors. The “Alabama Slama” endured thru pain and captured the Racer X Card! On the podium, Stiles made a point to tell everyone about Team SoCal Racing, and the team riders involved for 2006.

In semi two, Marsack finished in fifth position. Typically, fifth place in a semi would earn a spot in the main. However, the criteria for Vancouver changed to the top four and Marsack was off to the LCQ. In the LCQ, the #337 bike tore off the line grabbing a second place start and laid down a 59 second lap time to ensure his spot in the main event! In the main event, Marsack would get tangled with Nick Wey and Ted Cambell. Not to be denied, Marsack recovered and finished the race gaining three spots to finish 17th overall! Jacob Marsack is definitely an example of hard work equating to success. The young man spent his off season training at Davi Millsaps. This training regiment is evidenced by his vast improved lap times and his incredible Barnett driven starts!

In the main event Jiri Dostal grabbed a solid start. In lap twelve, Dostal passed Tyler Evans for the 12th position! After passing Evans, Team Solitaire rider Ryan Clark was next in his radar. The #70 bike made up over two seconds of ground in laps 15 and 16. Though he did not pass Clark, this effort can be expected at every race from Team SoCal Racing. Dostal finished the race in an impressive 12th place!!

Notes of Interest: Nobody can quite fully appreciate the logistics of being a true privateer team, but adversity is always lurking. The team did not have access to their new YZ450 in time for the first two World SX rounds. Team SoCal Racing was forced to use last year’s outdoor bikes which were currently the riders practice bikes. This meant the riders did not have bikes to practice on the week prior to Toronto and Vancouver race. The team was fortunate to have these bikes from the generosity of Steve from Interlakes Sport Center. The team and riders decided that despite the circumstances, Team SoCal Racing would make the most of the opportunity and did.

Thank you to those sponsors partnering up for the 2006 race season include:

SoCal Racing/ Synergy Racing Technologies/ Lucas Oil Inc./ Yamaha Motor Corp./ Interlakes Sport Center/ P-LoK/ Shoei/ Glaceau Vitamin Water/ Polisport Plastics /Dubach Racing Development /Sidi Boots /SDG U.S.A /Vortex /R.K. Chains/ ProWheel Racing Componenets/ Tri-Star Racing/ Decal Works/ Dragon Optical/ Tek Bolt/ Hot Rods/ Hot Cams/ Pivot Works/ Stomp Design/ FUEL Clothing/ Enzo Suspension/ Barnett Clutches & Cables/ Engine Ice/ ProClean 1000/ Michelin/ ICW Stands/ IMS Products/ KN Filters/ Vertex Pistons/ Renthal/ Park Tool U.S.A./ Kicker Car Audio/ RB Components/ Evol Nutrition/ Galfer Brakes U.S.A/ SFB Racing/ Wonder Warthog Racing/ Krause Construction / Images In Motion

Injury Update: Brian Mason has been riding the stationary bike. He is still slated to be back in time and ready to make the main at Anaheim One.

Team SoCal Racing Amp'd Mobile World Supercross

Toronto, Canada-December 2, 2005- Team SoCal Racing set the standard this weekend at the opening round of the THQ World Supercross Series. The team's hard work this off season was evidenced by the results SoCal was able to produce. Team SoCal Racing started off the season with a HUGE bang as three riders captured a spot in the World Supercross main event!

Team riders Clark “Alabama Slama” Stiles and Jake “Young Gun” Marsack would get things flowing in semi
one. Both riders had solid starts in transfer positions fourth and fifth powered by their brand new Barnett Clutches! Stiles and Marsack rode smooth lines and easily transfer into the main event!In semi two, #70 Jiri Dostal grabbed a nice start and found himself in second position. Two laps into the race, Tyler Evans grabbed the inside line and made the pass. Dostal rode Evans tight until the checkered flag. Dostal finished in third place less then a second behind Evans, easily qualifying into the main event!

In the main event, the flag dropped, dust settled and a mad dash of riders exploded from the line! Jake Marsack barreled out of the gates but got tangled up with Kyle “Lucky” Lewis. In a battle for the same line, the bikes collided causing a spill into turn one. The soil sample cost #337 a top finish, but his true character and determination was evidenced as he pressed on taking a 17th place overall performance!

Making there way thru the heap of riders were the bikes of Clark Stiles and Jiri Dostal in 9th and 10th position. Nine laps into the race Clark and Jiri maintained their current position in the top ten. However, things quickly changed for Dostal as lap ten a sketchy rhythm section sent him packing into the hale bales. Desperately trying to recover, Dostal mounted back on the bike only to find himself whiskey throttled back off. The bike went in one direction, sending poor Dostal in another. Luckily he was unscathed from injury, but was finished for the night.
Back on the track, Stiles was starring on the rear Michelin of Gibby trying desperately to make a pass. Pushing relentlessly, Stiles would get hairy in lap twelve and bobbled the rhythm section. This mistake cost a top ten finish but Stiles finished a stellar 11th overall in the main!

Notes of interest: Team SoCal Racing rider and team leader Brian Mason selfless act did not put him in the main this weekend, but did no go unnoticed. Brian Mason is a constant team leader and always puts the team first, and Toronto was no exception. Stiles’ bike was not ready as mechanical problems prevented him from practicing. However, Mason willingly offered his bike allowing Stiles time to get the track dialed in. This act of kindness gave Stiles valuable practice time and his results showed. Mason then went out in the qualifiers with little practice time and took a bad crash. This act of kindness is one instance that exemplifies the true character of Brian Mason. Team Socal Racing is proud to have a constant role model and team leader in Brian Mason for the 2006 race campaign!

Injury Update: Brian Mason was examined today and test revealed a cracked left rib, a major high and low ankle sprain, and a strained neck. That is the bad news-the good news is with aggressive rehabilitation Mason will be back on time for Anaheim One.*It was great to have both Ron and Janeen Joynt in attendance for Toronto! These two have been instrumental to the teams success. It was also great to have in the SoCal pits: Randy and Raymond from Michelin, John and Joe from Tri-Star, and Shane from FUEL. On behalf of the ENTIRE team we thank you for all of your support.

The team is extremely blessed to have an incredible group of sponsors partnering up for 2006!

Those sponsors that made this weekend a HUGE success are:

Synergy Racing Technologies/SoCal Racing/ Lucas Oil Inc./Interlakes Sport Center/Yamaha Motor Corp./
Glaceau Vitamin Water/Dubach Racing Development/ Enzo/RB Components/Polisport Plastics/SDG U.S.A./
ProWheel Racing Components/Vortex/Shoei/Dragon Optical/ Tri-Star Racing/Decal Works/P-LoK/Pivot Work/ Barnett Clutches & Cables/Engine Ice/Sidi Boots/ Michelin/ProClean 1000/Park Tool U.S.A./ICW Stands/ K&N Filters/Vertex Pistons/Hot Rods/Hot Cams/Evol Nutrition/ IMS Products/Stomp Design/FUEL Clothing/Galfer Brakes U.S.A./R.K.Chains/Tek Bolt/Kicker Car Audio/WWR/EVS



Glen Helen Raceway
- San Bernardino, CA.
Team SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil Report:

The boyz from Team SoCal Racing headed off to California to finish up the year at Glen Helen Raceway. Unfortunately, the team would be without rider Brian Mason and Jiri Dostal. Brian will be ready next year as he is out rehabilitating a fractured ankle. Jiri Dostal was unable to attend as his sister was getting married. We at Team SoCal Racing offer a big congratulation to Jiri Dostal and his family! The #159 will continue to train hard in
anticipation for a great showing at the 2005 U.S. Open ,set for October 7th and 8th.

Team SoCal Racing rider Jacob Marsack has steadily improved throughout his young career. Marsack and his
team had high hopes for the start of the SX/MX season, only to have an injury set him back. Early in the SX
season Marsack would crash in practice causing a back injury, which would put him out for the proceeding 3-4
months. Undaunted by the unfortunate circumstances, Marsack would aggressively rehabilitate in order to be
back for the latter half of the outdoor season. Team SoCal Racing is very proud of Jacob and commends him
on his hard work and perseverance.

At Glen Helen, Jacob Marsack would be the lone rider to carry the Team SoCal Racing banner before the crowd of nearly 25,000 spectators. In qualifier two, Marsack found himself in a transfer position only to hit the
dirt. Marsack would get back on his bike aggressively putting his head down to move back into transfer position. Unfortunately, #337 did not know he was in a transfer spot and went for a hairy pass in the last turn. This istake would once again send him for a soil sample, and into the LCQ. In the LCQ, Marsack would take the checker flag less than a half a second ahead of the experienced privateer Ted Cambell, earning a spot in the main! In moto one, Marsack would get caught in the back and finish in 30th position. In moto two, the Michigander decided to grab a sweet holeshot and would find himself right next to Ricky. Jacob would end up finishing the year and moto two just out of a top twenty, with a 22nd finish.

This weekend at Glen Helen was the unavailing of Synergy Racing Technologies, P-LoK System. The P-LoK
is a strapless motorcycle lock-down system that will not overload your suspension. Team owner and sponsor
Darrell Saldana would like to thank everyone for their feedback and support. To find out more about the P-LoK
System please visit www.srtusa.com

It was really nice to have in attendance Jay Clark from Hot Rods, Kyle from Sidi Boots, and Kenny from Dragon Optical. Also in the house was Brent from Lucas Oil! SoCal Racing would like to thank Brent and Lucas
Oil for all their hard work. Thank you for all you have done for the team for 2005 race year! Finally, a HUGE thanks to Ron Joynt and our SoCal Racing family!

Team SoCal Racing would like to thank all of our sponsors that made this year! We look forward to
representing your company at the 2005 U.S. Open and into the 2006 race season.

Team SoCal Racing
Promotions Director
5510 Kiddville Lane
Lexington, KY
(859) 433-0876

Stell City -

Team SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil puts two riders in the main!

The young gun, #337 Jacob Marsack got things off in flying fashion in qualifier one. The kid out of Michigan got a nice start and was battling toward the front of the pack. Going into lap three, Marsack would grab a nice line and make a pass on two riders which would easily allow him a spot into the main. Jiri Dostal would keep things flowing in qualifier two. The #159 would not get a good start but battled threw some heavy traffic for an 8th place finish, joining his teammate in the main.

In the main, Marsack would be forced to pull off in the early stages in order to have his mechanic make some adjustments. Unfortanetly, the problem of a broken throttle would take him out after lap seven. In moto one Dostal would continue to get plagued by the bad start virus, but would not let that prohibit him from yet another top 20 finish. Dostal would battle back to take the checker flag in the 19th spot earning another 2 AMA points.

In moto two, Marsack would continue to have bike problems. To Marsack’s credit he would compete and
finish in a respectable 26th position. Dostal stayed true to the bad start bug, but would persevere for a
20th which would give him overall 3 points on the day!Bret from ICW was in the house at Steel City-always
great to have him in attendance. Bret has been keeping our bikes on some SWEET stands all year long. If you
do not have one of these bike stands-you need to get one!

Rider Update:
Brian Mason will not be able to finish up the year, as he has a bone chips and fracture in his ankle. He will still continue to go to the races and support his teammates. He will be out meeting and thanking our sponsors that stood by our side for the 2005 season.

Thunder Valley
- Lakewood, Co.

Team SRT/SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil was Flying High in The Beautiful Mountains in Lakewood, Colorado.

The stage was set in the side of a mountain where Team SoCal would carve up the scene. The first year event
attracted a nice crowd of over 30,000 fans. The teams training would pay off in the hostile conditions of
Thunder Valley, with the combination of heat and 5450 feet elevation. These conditions would set things off
for the best outdoor finish for Team SRT/SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil.

Brian Mason set the tone early while coming out of the gates of moto one and finish in a nice transfer position ahead of Team Solitaire Ryan Clark. Dostal would keep things flowing by shredding the mountain and coming in a stellar sixth place finish.

In the main event moto one, Dostal continued his hot streak by finishing 16th and scoring another five AMA
points. In the same moto Brian Mason would have bike problem forcing him off until the moto two.

Moto two would find Mason and Dostal both running in the top twenty. Coming out of a turn, Dostal would
catch his knee and twist it up. Mason would continue to push ahead and take the checker flag in 15th spot
scoring six AMA points. This finish would be a career personal best for Brian Mason. Once again the action
would be captured on Fox Sport. The cameras would then follow Mason home where Momma “Sis” Mason would have a karaoke party to celebrate her sons success. The party was held at the family restaurant in his hometown of Columbia, Illinois. Big congrats to both Brian Mason and Jiri Dostal!

Coming off the mountain top: Not so pretty for Team SRT/SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil

Both Jiri Dostal and Brian Mason were plagued with injuries that would prohibit them from making the
main. Dostal knee injury would take him out and Mason racked ankle held thing up. Mason would tough out the
injury but was unable to mount any type of results. The fellas will be able two use the week off to get
healed up and have a strong showing in Millville, MN.

Side Note: Jiri Dostal had a MRI taken on August first. The results showed a deep knee bruised and a
strained MCL. The good news is he will be ready to go for Millville.

Thank you for the support of all our sponsors!

Ian Kage

- New Berlin, NY.

The Return of Team SRT/SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil Rider Jiri Dostal’s is a Success! Brian Mason keeps the cameras rolling!!!

The boys from Team SRT/SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil were ready to represent at this past weekend Lucas Oil sponsored event. The stage was set at New Berlin, New York for the return of #159 Jiri Dostal. Dostal was looking to pick back up where he left off at the end of the Supercross season. Jiri was looking to continue his
hot streak that had earned a top twenty in four out of the last five SX races, while also grabbing the Racer
X Gas card! Mason was also looking to continue the momentum and build upon last weeks success at Red Bud.
The week prior Mason had been busy training in Ohio in front of the FOX Sport cameras. The team dedicated a
hard week of training to produce results our sponsors could be proud of.

Both Mason and Dostal would find themselves transferring from there qualifier with relative ease. Dostal got things started with taking off out of turn one and laying down a crazy fast 2:20 lap time. A mistake in the last lap would put him in fifth, but well in qualifying position. Brian The Sir Mason also rode a strong smart qualifier race to finish seventh. No LCQ needed today for these guys!

In the main, Mason and Dostal were riding well when misfortune struck for The Mason. He would collide with
another rider and crash to the grown. While Mason quickly picked himself up another rider ran over his bike causing damage to the bars and kill switch. He would be forced back to the pit for repairs to prepare for moto two. Meanwhile the #159 finished moto one with another top twenty, scoring three AMA points!Moto two the story was that Mason was not to be denied! The #90 got a poor start and had to push hard in the extreme heat to get back into point scoring contention. As the race wore on, Mason found himself gaining toward the top twenty riders. Brian found his body going numb deep into the race but set his sites on the goal before him. This moto would find riders pulling off the track but Mason refused. This decision to persevere exemplifies Mason throughout this season.. The choice in toughing it out would earn a top twenty, but also cost him a trip to the Asterick medical trailer where he would collapse upon finish. The medical crew ripped off all his gear and cold wrapped him in towels. They also got Brian hooked up to an IV and pumped fluids, all this for a top twenty finish. This is the attitude Mason has put out there all year long. He can be injured and to the point of exhaustion but will not quit. My hat is off to Brian Mason as this illustrates the character Brian Mason had exhibited all year long. We at Team SRT/SoCal Racing are proud of him and are excited about others seeing on FOX Sport this classy individual.

As always a special thanks to our sponsors. Please let us know if we can do anything to promote your company.

Side note:
Dostal has been training out at next weeks national track in Colorado with Andrew Short. Look for big
things next week! Stay tuned (:

RED BUD - Buchanan, Mi.

Team SRT/SoCal Racing/Lucas Oil Flies High at REEEEDDDDDD BUUUUDD! Three In The Main!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In front of a record crowd at Red Bud in Buchanan, Michigan the boys from SRT/SoCal would bring the noise and fly high as the team SRT/SoCal Racing Blimp flew overhead. Team SoCal Rider #898 Michael Koch would get things started in qualifier one and easily transfer into the main behind Team Solitaire Ryan Clark. In the same
heat race, making a return to ride with Team SRT/SoCal Racing was the #53 James Povolny. JP would rip up the track and turn in an impressive fifth in qualifier one. In qualifier two #90 Brian “The Sir” Mason was riding
strong until he cased a jump and would send him into the LCQ. This day Mason would not be denied as he
pushed hard in the LCQ and finished fourth. In the main, Mason would blaze onto the course and finish in
the 19th spot picking up 2 points! In the moto one however, Mason would case a jump which jarred his
wrist. From the impact x-rays would reveal a fracture in his hand but this would not keep Mason from riding
moto 2. Mason had been training diligently and would not let this injury set him back. In moto two, Mason got a bad start but as the race wore on found himself passing his way toward the front. Mason would be encouraged by his former teammate and friend Clark Stiles who had pulled off but managed to scream for the #90 “Go Mason! Go!” This type of support was a motivator to help push Mason. He would finish strong despite the hot conditions and injury to finish a top twenty performance!!! In moto one, James Povolny would blaze up Red Bud and finish an impressive 14th overall. In moto two a wicked case of arm pump would cause him to pull off
but an 8 point performance was way NICE!!

Team Notes:

Jiri Dostal will be making his outdoor debut for Team SRT/SoCal at the Lucas Oil sponsored event in New Berlin, New York.

Mason going Hollywood??!!: Brian Mason is a finalist for a major network reality show tracking the life of
a privateer. He meets next week with the casting agents. We will keep our sponsors updated!

BIG CONGRATS to the #159 Jiri Dostal as he was recently selected for the U.S. Open. This is an honor
and the team is excited for Dostal, and all our sponsors that made this possible.

About the U.S. Open:
The U.S. Open will air on NBC for the second consecutive year. This year’s race will be broadcast October 23 at 3:30 p.m. EST following the NASCAR race from Martinsville. The 2004 U.S. Open aired on NBC for the first time ever and earned a record 2.1 overnight Nielsen rating, making it the second largest watched television audience for off-road motorcycle racing ever.

The team’s success is directly attributed from the help of ALLl our sponsors and in particular special thanks to Darrell Saldana, Steve Koch, Ron and his lovely boss Janeen Joynt. Team SRT/SoCal Racing once again stepped up for the team and had new graphics put down on our spanking new rig. Hope to see you at the tracks!!

Check Back for next weeks update of the Unidilla round of the AMA Motocross Championships